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Access Logistics Expertise

We are entirely devoted to Logistics BPO. Our KPO staff is sourced from the Logistics or Finance domains. You can focus on your core functions while our expert team will provide help on any logistics needs you have.

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Enjoy Time Zone Advantages

Your work will be done even if your business is closed for the day. Wake up the next morning to see the service being delivered. Enjoy the benefit of uninterrupted business operations with one of the best logistics BPO companies.

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Save Up To 60%

The main outsourcing advantage has always been the lower costs though the service quality is high. Get the benefit of indirect cost savings as you gain the ability to focus on your core business operations.

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Gain Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing allows your company to effectively manage its staff capacity. It becomes easier to manage the recruitment of staff during business growth. With offshoring, you can reallocate resources and capture new efficiencies.

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Documentation as a Service

Thanks to our Control Tower and Business Process Portal tools, our SmartActivity allows you to pay as you go. This pricing model means there is no staff commitment or minimum booking commitment to fulfill monthly needs.


Experience Matters

Our organization is ISO 9001 certified and we have been in this industry for 6 years. With our experience, we enable you to be on board in just a week. Our staff is experienced in ERPs including SAP, Oracle, Kewill, and CargowiseOne.


Increased Measurability

We are constantly updating our logistics BPO technological solutions allowed all activities to be measured. In the process, efficiency and productivity is improved which contributes to the growth of your company bottom-line.


Affordable and Simple Pricings

We offer only two pricing models. Our simple outsourcing pricing calculator makes it easy to find the right plan. You can switch plans with prior notice in the portal and no minimum commitment is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the 1-month free trial?

Our aim is to simplify outsourcing. Select any activity from the list and try it for 1 month for free. During the trial period, your PC can be connected via Teamviewer. We want you to be completely satisfied with our logistics BPO services before we ask for a credit card.

Are there any cancellation fees or minimum commitment?

No. Our service model is ‘Pay As You Go’. We don’t require any minimum commitment. You can stop using our services whenever you desire without any cancellation fees. After stopping, you will be billed only for the services used. You will not be charged again.

Can I modify or change the plan anytime?

Yes. Due to our ‘Pay As You Go’ model, you have the option of switching plans without any prior notice. You can decrease, increase or stop any activity we are doing for you. However, we recommend a notice of 7 days if you have chosen the SmartStaff plan.

How will you be connecting our ERP/application?

For web-based applications, we can connect directly with the given credentials. If this is not the case or security policies are in place, our IT Infra team will be contacting your IT team for configuring the VPN and network.

Is my data secured?

Yes. We are serious about data security. Our organization is ISO 9001 certified. We can sign a Nondisclosure Agreement as per your organization’s policies. Your data belongs to you. None of your data will be stored in any database of ours.

Do we need to provide ERP training?

All members of our staff are from logistics. The majority of them are experienced in Oracle, SAP, Kewill and CargowiseOne. However, if you use a different ERP or have your own in-house technology, we may require 2-7 days of training.

How will we interact on a daily basis?

We have various modes for initiating activity requests such as mail, system API, web and mobile. Our Business Process engine is capable of converting requests as measurable tasks in the portal. Notification will be sent to you on the completion of the activity.

How can I measure TAT?

You can monitor the TAT through the Control Tower section in our portal. The TAT report can be downloaded any time. You can configure our ControlTower TV app in your SmartTV for monitoring the activities in real-time.

What payment types and currency do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. For billing value over $2,000, bank transfer is accepted with 15 days of credit from the date on the invoice. To simplify the billing process, we accept payments in USD only.

What is the timeline for the onboarding process?

According to our standard checklist for onboarding, the timeline for all onboarding processes will be 5 working days. It may require up to 10 working days if your application or requirement is new to us and requires learning

Will you help with process optimization?

Yes. We provide process optimization services for our clients who have opted for end-to-end outsourcing. However, we encourage new clients to experience activity-based outsourcing before experimenting with end-to-end outsourcing.

What if I have other questions?

We are more than happy to answer any question you have. Please feel free to ask questions about BLdesk or logistics outsourcing. Mail us your questions at support@bldesk.com

Satisfied Customers

“The HBL desk team works with you and helps you with whatever you have.”

“I love that I can manage everything online.”

“I am so impressed, delivery on time, communicative, and professional.”

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